Technical lead for projects:  

  • Design and implement Octopus Deploy for .NET DevOps.
  • IBM MQ v7 to v8 migration.
  • IBM MQ v8 security implementation on distributed systems.
  • Design Sitecore v8 environment including Solr/Lucene and MongoDB with HA.
  • Design and implement new IIS 8 webfarm including automatic provisioning.
  • IIS6 phase-out and migration of legacy applications.
  • Windows 2003 phase-out for legacy .NET applications.
  • TFS2010 Migration and consolidation to TFS 2016

    Technical consultant for projects:  

  • Linux development track based on Nexus, Bitbucket and Jenkins.
  • Linux infrastructure provisioning through RHEL Satellite.
  • Infrastructure Application Portfolio.
  • Windows 2008 phase-out.
    Operational Tasks:
    Day-to-day maintenance, monitoring and end-of-line support for IBM MQ, Octopus Deploy, TFS and IIS application servers.
    Maintenance , administration and support of custom developed applications for document generation, processing and archiving.
    Worked closely with IT teams and business to improve stability and performance of applications. Define and implement optimisations for release processes, fact finding, standards and planning, Impact Analysis and requirement capturing.